The New Renaissance – Platonic Thought Forms and Mental Health

[ad_1] The emerging Plato-Fullerene medical science of life poses questions related to the role of the Classical Platonic Thought Forms in maintaining mental health. Is it possible that Plato’s ethical thought forms, which were fused into the structure of Anaxagoras’ Nous, might provide rigorous scientific concepts pertaining to our present state of mental well being? […]

Take Hold of Your Monkey Mind: 3 Easy Mindfulness Skills for Better Thought Control

[ad_1] Monkey mind. That’s when your thoughts are bouncing around in your head like a pack of apes, careening off every curve and corner inside your skull. It’s when you can’t sit still or focus. Your emotions are usually muddled and painful. Your mind is building desperate future disaster fantasies, “what-iffing” itself to death. Your […]

Constructive and Destructive Thought

[ad_1] We build or destroy… Our thoughts are the doorway to the inner sanctum of our psyche. That which is subconscious reveals itself through the channels of our thoughts. Some thoughts are based upon internal stimuli, while others external. We possess the power to build, or destroy. We can construct mansions in heaven or destroy […]