Reassessing Worksite Wellness After All These Years: Still Medical or Blossoming Into REAL Wellness?

[ad_1] INTRODUCTION One advantage of stayin alive beyond expectations (i.e., reaching a state of perennialhood) is increased wisdom and, sometimes, witnessing desired changes. That’s the hope, in any case, attributable to decades of increasingly prescient observations and greater openness to alternate experiences. What better time than later life to reexamine opinions and beliefs? Why finish […]

Biological Grounding – Real or Hocus Pocus?

[ad_1] Biological grounding involves standing barefoot on the ground. The idea being any residual static electricity will be drained off into the earth – like emptying out the battery, as it were. The idea has intuitive appeal. Who hasn’t been zapped by a car door handle discharging static electricity, sometimes with an audible crack? Or, […]