Take Hold of Your Monkey Mind: 3 Easy Mindfulness Skills for Better Thought Control

Monkey mind. That’s when your thoughts are bouncing around in your head like a pack of apes, careening off every curve and corner inside your skull. It’s when you can’t sit still or focus. Your emotions are usually muddled and painful. Your mind is building desperate future disaster fantasies, “what-iffing” itself to death. Your thoughts […]

Bringing Peace Back to the Holiday Season Through Mindfulness

Peace, joy, and gratitude – these are things that we wish for during the holiday season and throughout the year. But those feelings are sometimes hard to come by in our stressful world, particularly around Christmas time, as we’re bombarded with our thoughts that may not be comforting or joyful. I’ve been working with Charlotte, […]

Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation Prospects to Bigger Wellbeing and Pleasure

Meditation is not an additional added activity to be occasionally practised when you have the time for it. Nor is it a specialized activity that can only be carried out by the couple of and less than strange situations. It is critical for your wellbeing and can be finished by most people all over the […]