B12 Nutritional vitamins Are Important for a Correct Mind Functioning

[ad_1] Some certain minerals and nutritional vitamins are important for the most effective overall performance of brain as the operator of our very own bodies. Due to the fact these substances are not able to be generated by the body you want to get them by applying good diet plans. A lot of people pick […]

Take Hold of Your Monkey Mind: 3 Easy Mindfulness Skills for Better Thought Control

[ad_1] Monkey mind. That’s when your thoughts are bouncing around in your head like a pack of apes, careening off every curve and corner inside your skull. It’s when you can’t sit still or focus. Your emotions are usually muddled and painful. Your mind is building desperate future disaster fantasies, “what-iffing” itself to death. Your […]

3 Ways to Stay Current on News Without Losing Your Mind

[ad_1] If you are like me, logging onto Facebook or reading the news can be an emotional upheaval. Depending on what the news is, it can even become an anxiety trigger. At it’s worse; it can alter my energy and change the course of my day because of how it affects me. I am happy […]

It’s A Mind Thing

[ad_1] Having a healed soul begins with having a healed mind. The soul house your mind, will, and emotions. I am in the life long process of healing my soul. When I got saved/born again my awareness of the damage and trauma in my soul became heightened as my relationship with God and His word […]